What we bring
Using OG²C as your sales agent will bring you
  • Ongoing brand recognition
  • Consistent methodical approach to market
  • Sales representation during European / African business hours
  • Ongoing discussions with your management to ensure proper strategy and execution
  • On-site assistance at European / African trade shows
OG²C will supply you with
  •  A dedicated inside sales / account manager with years of experience
  • Synergy of partners identifying opportunities
  • A network of technical professionals
  • EU standardization of your selling materials
  • Resources to organize trade shows, conduct research or handle mailings
  • Updates on your offer and weekly reports
  • Business assessment to determine if you are ready for the targeted market
  • Sales and marketing audit to evaluate your materials and sales strategy
  • Go-to-market sales and marketing strategy plan
  • Sales and marketing calendar
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